Advanced Repair Serum 30 ml

ر.ق 695.00

CBSARS601 , Brand:

The Advanced Repair Serum (30 ml) is a luxuriously fine and highly concentrated caviar serum, designed to go right to the heart of skin aging problems. It not only induces collagen production and fights against extrinsic and intrinsic aging but it also has strong healing abilities. Your skin will look younger and radiantly alive.


How to use:

This highly nutritious serum leaves the skin intensively moisturized, remineralized and regenerated, activating the production of new collagen. The skin’s volume, suppleness, elasticity and tone are preserved, protecting against the damaging effects of extrinsic aging.


Caviar Extract Sodium Hyaluronate Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) Resveratrol
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