MD Lash Factor Eye Conditioner – 2.95ml

ر.ق 445.00

Patented award winning eyelash conditioning serum to help your lashes look their best. Physician formulated gentle formulation for maximum healthy and fuller  looking lashes.

MDLFECS701 , Brand:

Get lashes you have always wanted! Our patented MD Lash Factor is a lash conditioner to help your lash’s natural growth cycle. Sick of wimpy short lashes, mascara, or uncomfortable lash extensions? Get your very own REAL lashes that are longer, fuller, and denser. Feel more confident each morning seeing new lashes emerge instead of lash breakage from too much mascara.

Our gentle formula nourishes your lashes and works with their natural growth cycle so they can reach their fullest potential. Works great for thinning or overplucked brows too! The clinically tested formula for natural-looking beautiful lashes with regular daily use. Sold in over 20 countries and used by millions of lash-loving men and women.

1. At night, remove contact lenses, wash and dry face. 2. Apply your eye cream and facial moisturizer. 3.  Apply a thin line of MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner to the BASE of the UPPER lash line.  Similar to applying eyeliner. 4. No need to apply to the lower lash line. When you close your eyes during sleep, the lower lash line will be nourished by serum applied to the upper lash line. 5. If you have thin brows, apply serum to the base of brows. 6. Be sure to apply every night. Do not skip! 7. Chose from 3 months or 6 month supply.  Use auto-ship and never worry about running out!
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